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We contribute to the R&D of the energy device such as the lithium-ion batteries, the capacitors, fuel cells, and solar cells.

We aim to supply the precision products for the frontier technology industries which keeps evolving, and to contribute to customer's cost decrease, quality improvement, and product development, etc We aim at 'Customer satisfaction' on one step by diversified TECHNICAL SUPPORT by cooperates with a lot of domestic and foreign subcontract factories. We try for a more comfortable, safer society to contribute through the supply of the products of the high quality or more.

Electrochemical Test Cells of Rechargeable Batteries and Capacitors

These are airtight containers which are called an indispensable cells for the evaluation of the battery materials.
The mechanism that achieves the accuracy of testing and reproducibility is possessed, the assembly resolution is easy, and after assembly, the electrical charge and discharge examination is possible in the atmosphere.
They are products that consist of our skillful four elemental technologies of pressure-vacuum-temperature-insulation.

Two Electrodes Flat CellThree Electrodes Flat Cellelectodes slide glass cell

Equipments of Electrode Material Preparation

The equipment is specialized for mixing & blending the active materials for batteries, binder and solution uniformly to make the slurry.

Kneader for LaboratoryPlanetary MixerVacuum Mixer with Degas

Equipments of Electrode Coating Preparation

The equipment is used for producing the negative or positive electrodes.

Knife-Over-Roll CoaterFilm Applicator with MicrometerPrecision Roller Press

Equipments of Coin Cell Preparation

The equipment is used for producing coin cells.

Coin Cell Parts for 2032Lithium Metal Punching ToolAutomatic Coin Cell Crimper

Equipments of Cylindrical Cell Preparation

The equipment is used for producing cylindrical cells.

Automatic Winding MachineCrimping MachineGrooving Machine

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Equipment of Pouch Cell Preparation

The equipment is used for producing pouch cells.

Laminate Pouch Forming Machine Electrolyte Filling & Vacuum Sealer Laminate Film

Electric Furnaces

We supply the high vacuum electric furnaces, the table top electric furnaces and etc. And we are able to provide the customers satisfactions with specification suitable for the budget prices and quick delivery.

Micro Electric FurnacePalm Electric FurmaceUltra High Temperature Electric Furnace

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Filter Housing
We design and manufacture the engineering housing in custom-made.

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